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More about the Temi offering and how it works

Can I download caption or subtitle files from Temi?

Yes! With Temi, you can produce automatic closed caption files for your videos in minutes to open up your content to a larger audience. 

After your file has finished transcribing, you can download your Temi transcript in one of two caption file formats: SubRip Text (.srt) and WebVTT (.vtt).

Here are the quick and easy steps:

  1. Upload video file to Temi
  2. Polish your video transcript in the Temi Editor*
  3. Download the transcript as either an SRT or VTT
  4. Upload the SRT or VTT file to your video player of choice (e.g. Facebook, YouTube)
  5. Now everyone can enjoy your content!

*Further editing in video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere, may be needed to ensure the captions are properly synced and that the caption breaks are optimal.

We do not guarantee that Temi captions are FCC or ADA-compliant.


What is Temi?

Temi uses the best automated speech-to-text algorithms to convert your audio and video files into text. The Temi Editor stitches text to your original audio & video files so they are easy to search, edit, and share.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Upload any audio or video file
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Check for an email from Temi to view your transcript on our Dashboard
  4. Review and edit the transcript in our web-based editor
  5. Download the transcript in your preferred format

Watch our tutorial for more on how to use Temi.


Which languages does Temi transcribe?

Temi supports English audio and video files. We do not support other languages (e.g. Spanish or German). At this time, Temi only transcribes English audio and video files. We are working on other languages - please stay tuned!


Do you have an app?

Yes, you can download our speech-to-text transcription app for iPhone and Android devices. Record on the go and turn your audio into a transcript in minutes.


Can Temi handle multiple files?

Yes, you can upload multiple files simultaneously and submit them for transcription. You can also download your transcripts in bulk from the Temi Dashboard.


Which types of files can I upload to Temi?

Temi supports all types of audio and video formats including, but not limited to:

     Audio: .mp3, .mp4, .m4a, .aac and .wav

     Video: .mp4, .wma, .mov and .avi


If you have a file in a format other than those listed above, we would suggest that you just try to submit the file. We will automatically reject non-media and known unsupported formats.

If you are still having trouble uploading your audio or video format, you can try a free online converter such as Zamzar.


We do not currently accept physical media (tapes, CDs, SD cards, etc.). We also do NOT support compressed or meta-formats containing multiple files. 

Advanced users: Submitting a file that has multiple audio tracks can also present problems. 


How long does Temi take to transcribe?

Transcripts are ready in 5-10 minutes - it may vary depending on the length and size of your file. 

If you have not received your transcript:

  1. Log into your Temi.com account.*
  2. Check your transcript status in your Temi dashboard. If you do not see your file, it may not have been uploaded correctly. Please try to upload your file again.
  3. Check your email. When your transcript is completed, you'll also receive an email with the subject line "Your Temi Order is Ready".

If you are having trouble uploading your file OR have not received your transcript after more than 30 minutes, please message us or email us at help@temi.com.

* If you do not have a Temi.com account yet, you may be missing all emails from Temi. Please search for emails from help@temi.com and make sure they are not in Spam.

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