Common Questions

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Can I share my Dropbox, Youtube, Vimeo or other link with Temi?

Certainly! As a Temi user, you can paste URLs from multiple sources and Temi can transcribe the audio or video on the page.

However, at this time you can only paste URLs after your first free order. Trial orders may only be uploaded from the main page (


Why did my transcription request fail?

There are several reasons that your transcription request may have failed including: 

  • File size is too large (>2GB)
  • Unsupported file type
  • Temi was unable to detect or identify any spoken words in your file

Is Temi a HIPAA-compliant or court-certified service?

No, Temi is not a HIPAA-compliant or court-certified service.

While we are not strictly HIPAA compliant, we do everything possible to maintain the highest security and confidentiality standards.

I haven't received my transcript.

First, check your spam folder for a delivery email from If you find it in your spam folder, then mark it as “Not Spam” or add the email address as a trusted sender.

You can also check your Temi Dashboard by clicking "Account" and then "Dashboard" in the dropdown menu in the top right corner. Make sure the file status is “Ready”. If the status is not ready, please be patient as Temi transcribes your file. If you’re still having trouble finding your transcript, please email us at and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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