Temi Mobile App

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Things to know about our mobile app for iOS and Android

How long can I record on the Temi app?

No limit - just make sure you enough phone battery and storage space

We do not limit the length of a recording in the Temi Mobile app. The only limits are your phone battery and phone storage space.


How do I import a recording into the Temi app?

If you have pre-existing recordings you'd like to transcribe, you can easily import them into the Temi app.

iOS users: Using the "Share" button on your other app (such as Voice Memos), select "Copy to Temi". The recording will be imported into Temi where you can choose to transcribe it.


What can the Temi mobile app do?

The Temi mobile app for iOS and Android is a great way to record and transcribe on the go. 

Using the Temi app, you can:

  • Record audio - there is no length limit
  • Share recordings
  • Log into your Temi account or create a new account
  • Send recordings to Temi for transcription
  • View transcribed recordings
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