You can share a transcript from either the Temi Dashboard or Temi Editor. Anyone you share the link with will have access to the transcript and be able to edit it. They will not have access to your card or other account information.

Currently, only one person can edit a transcript at a time. If editing simultaneously, your changes may not be saved.

Sharing from the Editor
Click on the Share button from the Temi Editor and instantly send the transcript to multiple collaborators. To share a transcript with someone, click the Share button in the Temi Editor and enter the email address of the recipient(s). You can also click "Get shareable link" to copy + paste a link that you can send to others. 

Sharing from the Dashboard
To share a transcript from the Dashboard, hover over the file you'd like to share and click the email icon. Next, enter the email address of the recipient(s) or get a shareable link that you can send to others. 

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